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Life changing

How we work

theWellderness helps you grow in your health, energy & happiness.

Pocket Change app
Your personal life coach, keeping it simple and fun, helps you reprogram your life into healthier living, being more energetic and feeling happy. (Available to you 24 hours a day via our Pocket Change app). Register now!

Retreat Experience
Join us to experience the core of your nature from the comfortable natural retreat locations of theExperience. In 8 days you will get to your core, do a complete detox and reset your life where necessary. Lasting positive change is your goal. Reserve your spot at theWellderness Retreat now!

Health Center
Coming soon: Train your brain, your heart and your soul with our holistic approach. Achieve lasting growth through our intensive programs. Personal growth is within reach, at a beautiful location in Holland. theHealth Center offers it all, and more…